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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much do you charge for an inspection? and what type of Services does John offer?

Every property is unique and different.  Also, some clients want a complete home inspection and others may be looking for a Roof Inspection or a Foundation Inspection.  Please call me directly or send me an email.  Below is my contact info.  I would be happy to give you a quote for my services. 


For a complete list of all the different inspections John performs, see information at bottom.


2. What makes you different than other inspection companies?


I believe four major differences sets my inspections apart from others.


(a.) All Single Family homes from basement/crawl to roofs are always included in the inspection.  In addition, anything else that is on the exterior property and above grade (i.e. swimming pools, jacuzzis, generators is included with the inspection, at no extra charge. Most inspectors will not include this. 

(b.) Customer Service is very important to me. I want to make sure I answer all your questions, even after you move into your new home.

(c.) Just as important as the Inspection is the final report.  The report you will receive will be complete and easy to understand. Because of my construction and customer service background, I am able to write these for a wide audience such as: your Realtor, your attorney, and future tradesman (if any repairs are needed).


3. When and how do I pay for the inspection?


Payment is due at time of service.  I accept personal checks, cash, Venmo, or Debit/Credit Cards via CASHAPP.  A receipt will be sent to you via email with the final inspection report as a PDF within 24hr to 48 hours.


CASHAPP can be downloaded for Free to your iPHONE or Android device at


4. What is included with the Residential Property inspection?  What is inspected?


Every chicago home inspection is unique and different.  John has never encountered the same exact home inspection twice.  However, there are five

main components of a home inspection:  foundation, structure, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.  All of the visible main components will be checked by John.  Also, detached structures and ancillary equipment such as generators and detached garages shall be inspected at no additional costs.  Radon tests at the request of the buyer can be performed but this will be an additional fee.

​5. Does John does Commercial Building Inspections?


Yes.  Please contact John directly for information on Commercial Building Inspections.



6.  Is John Licensed?




Yes, John is a State of Illinois Licensed Home Inspector.  Click here for Johns' State of Illinois License info.


7. Does John recommend a Radon Test? Does John do Radon Testing?


Yes, John processes the order for you for a Radon Test. John uses an Illinois Licensed Radon specialist company.  Order your RADON Test now by clicking on the tab above. 


John strongly recommends if you are concerned about Radon in your home to install a Radon system in your home regardless of the outcome of the Radon test. Radon is a gas that is everywhere (indoors and outdoors) and it can change hourly in a home. You can find Illinois Licensed Radon Mitigators here or you can search for them online.



8. Do I really need a home inspection?


Yes, let me put it to you this way.  The average buyer spends about 15-30 minutes inside a home when first seeing it.  The buyer may have the opportunity to go back a second time to take a look but the total time viewing is really not enough to get a good understanding of the home and all the history and potential problems of repairs.


In addition, a home inspection is a perfect opportunity for you, the home owner, to have an expert second opinion on possible maintenance and other future problems with the home.


There is no "perfect" home.  Homes have 1000s of parts and many are behind walls and are not visible.  The purpose of a home inspection is to make sure the home is SAFE.  That is my number one priority to you as my client.  Next, I want to walk you through the property and make sure you are aware of potential problems and give you some ideas of what the costs are to repair.  I basically want you to know what you are buying.


9. If you find problems with the property, can you also do the repair?


No, John does not do any contract or repair work.  As an Illinois Licensed Home Inspector we are not allowed by law to do any type of construction and/or repairs on the homes/properties we inspect.  However, there are web sites out there like angies list, etc that you can find LICENSED AND INSURED CONTRACTORS to do the work. It is always recommended to get 3 quotes when trying to get something repaired or constructed. Talking to your neighbors is another option for you to see who they have used and if they were happy with the work performed. 


John is also available to speak with you, the client, as well as your contractor(s) even after the inspection to help clarify anything in the inspection report.  Please remember there are many ways to fix a problem with a home but at the end of the day the most important thing is Building SAFETY and "did the fix solve the problem".


10. How long does an inspection take?


Single Family Homes generally take about 2-3 hours

Condos generally take about 1-2 hours


11. When can I expect the Property Report?


Generally, about 24 hours after the inspection.  You will receive an email with an attached PDF property inspection report.  In addition, after the inspection, I will give you an idea of some of the issues, so when you leave the inspection you can feel confident on the final inspection report.


12. Do I need to be at the inspection?


Yes. You should be at the inspection. In fact, John always recommends bringing a friend or family member to the inspection. Part of the inspection process is for you to also go through the home and test lights, doors, cabinets, windows.  John will also do this also but can only do a sample of each as there are 100s of parts of home and John wants to make sure the major items such are checked such as: mechanicals, roofing system, electrical, etc.






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