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70% of all Construction Projects are LATE or Over Budget - HOME CONSTRUCTION NIGHTMARES

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Everyone is so happy right in the very beginning of a construction project. The architects, sales people, contractors come over and tell you something nice about your home. Maybe they show some really nice pictures of past projects that they have worked on.

The construction industry is one of those industries that has very little ACCOUNTABILITY. Because you see, I am going to tell you a little secret. Something I have learned from inspecting 1000s of properties as a city inspector and also what I have learned from being in construction myself.

For some projects, as time goes on in the construction process, the honeymoon starts to wear off. The owners start getting impatient with the contractors. The contractors get impatient with the City inspectors. The Builders will tell you the City inspectors don't know what they are doing. The architects will blame the builders. The City inspectors have so many inspections to do that they cannot watch your project. Your project along with the other 70% of all projects can be come a nightmare instead of a Dream home.

The best way to limit this type of situation is to hire a third party inspector. Why should you hire a third party inspector? The City has too much on their plate to manage your project and they just will not be able to catch all the code violations. The Builder and Subcontractors may only care about their own pocketbook so they will tell you what you want to hear. The architect may be off to the next project as soon as he/she delivers you the plans and collects payment.

Also, more importantly, the Builder and Subcontractors are working on many projects at the same time. So while you are waiting days for them to show up, they may be working down the street at a neighbor's house, for more MONEY. The builders and subcontractors are great with excuses....."we are waiting for more material"...but the reality is your time and money are on the line and when things are late it effects you and everyone in your family.

I can promise you this. As a Home Inspector, I represent you as my client and work for you only. So if you are doing a big remodel job or new construction and you are struggling with your project and don't know where you stand, because everybody is telling you something different. I am here to clear the "smoke and mirrors" and give you a reality check of what is going on. Also, if you have not started your new project yet, now is a great time to get me on board so that you can have a second set of eyes before you start your project.

Feel free to call me for a free consultation on any projects you have and I will show you how I can help you be part of the 30% who get their projects done on time and on budget and help make your dream home from paper to the real thing.

John Sclafani

Illinois Home Inspector

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